Japa Mala Meditation

  • Posted on May 9, 2012 at 3:29 pm

For my cousin Terri


In some religions Rosary beads are used to count prayers, 10 Hail Mary’s etc.  Japa Mala beads are used to count mantras.  The definition of Japa is derived from the root jap, meaning to utter in a low voice.  Mala is the string of be beads used to count your mantra.    Traditionally the beads are made of wood but any bead can be used.  When practicing Japa Mala meditaion it is important to know that the sound, tone and frequency of the chant is what utilizes the law of attraction.  EVERYTHING resonates with vibrations, our thoughts as well as the objects that surround us.  Another important thing to know is that you do not have to be exact.  The tones in any mantra are powered by your thoughts.  Don’t concern yourself worrying  if your saying it right, your intent will take care of it on a subconscious level.  

10mm Rosewood and Turquoise Prayer Beads Japa Mala (108 Beads Rosary)

 Japa Mala meditation 

You can do any prayers or good thoughts from any spiritual tradition with your mala. It is your thought and good motivation that makes your mala unique for your. Once your mala is used, it collects spiritual merit and considered a Dharma object. Please handle it with respect and treat it as part of your spirituality. Mala can also be used as an offering to any Buddha statues.

Mantra to bless your mala beads:
(repeat 7 time then blow over your mala)

Mantra that blesses body speech and mind:
(repeat 7 times)

Mantra to bless lives in harmony with the law of life (Dharma)
Lotus Sutra (南無妙法蓮華經):
(Repeat to your heart’s content)

Mantra to purify negative karma (金刚萨埵心咒 )
(Repeat 28 times)

Magnetizing 108 mala is made of 27 wooden beads x 4 sets (108), separated by barrel wooden beads (18mm). Wood and seeds mala is use for.,,

You can get your beads by CLICKING HERE, this is just one suggestion.  Some people like to make their own Mala by purchasing beads from the local craft store.  You can bless your beads by using the mantra provided above.  Remember to use 108 beads for the use of Japa mala meditation.  

Mantras can be chanted in multiple of 3, 7, 9 and 27 times.  Traditional japa mala is made of 108 beads, multiple of 27 mantras in 4 sets.
In traditional Buddhist, people are said to have 108 afflictions.
There are six senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and consciousness
multiplied by three reactions – positive, negative, or indifference)
making 18 “feelings.”
multiplied by two categories – attached to pleasure, detached from pleasure
making 36 “passions”,
Multiple by 3 as each “passions” may be manifested in the past, present, or future.
All the above (6 x 3 x 2 x3 ) makes a total of 108, represented by the beads.

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  1. Terri says:

    Donna thank you! What a blessing you are – I will keep you posted as I continue my journey. Peace

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    Your very welcome Terri. I’m more than happy to provide any useful information to help you on your path.

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