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Meditation Using Guided Imagery can Solve Most Problems

  • Posted on July 25, 2012 at 5:06 am

The answer to everything is already known within us all.  We get a glimpse of it when we have that gut feeling, your not sure why but you know your right.  With meditation using guided imagery, or visualization, you can make your problems go away.

Meditation Using Guided Imagery can Solve Most Problems

To get to the place where those rich inner resources are stored, we have to first go past the chatter of the intellect, and the turmoil of the emotions. Guided meditation programs invariably begin with instructions to relax the body, let go of stress, and calm the mind. That’s an excellent first step, and it’s very helpful to have a soothing voice with some soft background music to help you release the daily struggles. (It’s ironic that in order to tap higher guidance to help solve one’s daily struggles, we have to release them first.)

Once we get nicely relaxed, we can begin to open to what’s waiting for us beneath the surface. The imagination is often the bridge between our conscious mind and higher guidance, and by relaxing and drifting, the imagination can engage. Guided imagery seeds the imagination to help us get things started. If I suggest that you visit a beautiful waterfall (The Healing Waterfall is one of the most popular meditations of the last 30 years), and suggest that there are pretty flowers nearby, and bright, clear water, you’ll begin filling in the picture in you mind’s eye, and soon your imagination is on a roll.

Then, if I suggest that you imagine the problem your trying to solve is dissolving in a pool below the waterfall, you can start giving over the stress you’ve been holding at a deeper level. At that point, I might suggest that you listen to the sound of the water, and hear in it any suggestions for helping to approach your problem in a different way. Or I might engage your visual sense, by suggesting you see images or symbols in the water that relate to helping you solve your problem.

Where do the images, symbols, and suggestions come from? They’ve been within you the whole time, as part of your consciousness, just waiting for the opportunity to reach your conscious mind. By engaging your imagination through the guided meditation program, you can tap in. The resources available in higher guidance are limitless.

Guided meditation programs invariably begin with instructions to relax the body, let go of stress, and calm the mind. That’s an excellent first step, and it’s very

Images and suggestions come from you.  They have been part of your consciousness and meditation using guided imagery will unlock your resources making you powerful.

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Using Visualization to Improve Your Life

  • Posted on July 5, 2012 at 12:04 am

We are the most powerful beings in the universe.  Our thoughts are powerful.  What we think and how we feel will determine how we live.  Our thoughts and energies will attract what they are giving out.  This article gives some great advice on visualization to improve your life.  Keep positive thoughts to get positive results. 

How to use visualization to improve your life…

Imagine being able to use your thoughts to bring joy and passion to your life. Everyone can do it. All you need to know is a simple secret method that can help you achieve success and profoundly change your life.

The secret method is creative visualization. Creative visualization, simply put, is a mental practice in which we use our thoughts to visualize things. By visualizing something such as a new car, home or job, we start the process of making those visualizations a reality. By the same token, have you ever noticed that you’ve feared something so much that it inevitably came true? When we visualize a negative outcome, we are also putting negative thoughts into the Universe, and unfortunately bringing the negative reactions right back to us.

Visualization is a powerful tool that anyone can use in order to effectively improve their life, attract prosperity, and fulfill dreams. You’ve probably used visualization techniques a few times in your life without even being aware of it. If you’ve ever pictured yourself on a dream vacation or behind the wheel of a new car, you have visualized what you want. Yet, you probably wonder why your visualizations have not manifested yet, or how merely visualizing something produces results.

If your thoughts and feelings are powerful enough, they will enter into your subconscious mind. Once thoughts enter your subconscious, your actions, habits, mindset and outlook will change. Thoughts create and shape the lives we lead. Thoughts lead to imagery and imagery leads to visualization. Imagery is one of the most basic yet fundamental mental processes that we have. Learning how to use imagery in a positive way is the first step in understanding visualization concepts and techniques.

In order to turn on the power of manifesting our thoughts, we must first learn exactly how conscious creative visualization works. As stated before, many of you have already used creative visualization on a subconscious level while imagining and visualizing something that you desire. Visualizing on a creative and conscious level however, is the key to having your visualizations come true.

To begin with, you must already know what it is that you truly desire. If your thought patterns are skewed, then the process becomes hindered. For example, do you really want a new home, or are you perfectly content in your current home? When you mix these two thoughts together, the signals become scattered. Be certain that you know exactly what you want.

Know exactly what you are going to visualize!

Once you have your desire in mind, it’s time to incorporate creative visual techniques into your daily life. There are several ways in which you can practice visualization, but first and foremost, make sure that your mind is clear in order to focus on the images that you create. It’s also important to make sure your visualizations are about you. In other words, make sure that your images and thoughts are in a first person point of view and not about someone else.

Clear your mind!

Visualize in the 1st person point of view.

Start each visualization session with a positive affirmation. A positive affirmation is simply you telling yourself something positive. This technique will help to change your negative thoughts in a relatively short amount of time. According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, a brain researcher of over 20 years, the majority of illnesses we suffer are in direct correlation with our thoughts. On the other hand, our thoughts also heal us, and make us more powerful. Daily affirmations reinforce the positives and ignore the negatives.

Again, you must already believe what you want will manifest. Having doubts that you will ever achieve your goals will only obstruct the process. Even though you have yet to see anything materialize, you should act and think as if it is already there. This is an important step to remember, and should be repeated until you are confident that you will get what you want.

After you’ve cleared your mind, turn your focus to your desires. Create that image in your mind, paying close attention to the specifics. Visualize every positive detail that comes to mind and hold that image in your head. Keep in mind that we are all different, and we all have different sensory systems. You may not see a picture at first, but instead hear a song or thought that can be used to create mental imagery. Once that image comes to you though, focus on the positive energy that the image brings and a positive outcome.

Create an image in your mind with lots of detail.

If you are still having trouble visualizing, try practicing by staring at an object in front of you. Close your eyes and keep that image in your thoughts. Do this several times until you are comfortable enough to imagine the object and see it in your mind without physically looking at it. When are you ready, relax and clear your mind and focus again on your goal.

Another powerful technique in creative visualization that goes hand-hand with staring at an object in front of you is the “black shapes” concept. Start by attaching different shapes such as circles, squares and triangles to a piece of white paper. Make sure that all the shapes are black. You can simply take black construction paper, cut out the shapes, and paste them onto a white sheet of paper. Place the paper directly in front of you and stare at it until you feel that you have a firm image of the shapes. Close your eyes and imagine the shapes in your mind. Repeat this process until you can imagine each shape without looking at the physical images first.

When you see people visualizing and meditating, more often than not you will notice their eyes are closed. However, some individuals actually have more success with open eyes. There are no set rules stating that you must visualize with your eyes closed, so if you perhaps are someone who can think and relax better with open eyes, this technique is a powerful training tool for you. Look around you. Imagine seeing something on your table or bed or whatever you happen to be near. For example, imagine seeing a stuffed teddy bear on your bed, and imagine picking that bear up and placing it somewhere else. Keep in mind that you need to imagine these things in the first person. Think about how the teddy bear feels, and think about physically picking it up and placing it somewhere. This technique can be applied in a variety of situations. You can imagine drinking a strong cup of delicious coffee while starting at a coffee pot, taking in the aroma, heat and taste. This sort of visualizing helps you to place things in context in a physical sense while at the same time helping your imagination skills.

Every person has the power within themselves to visualize. Some folks may be able to relax, clear their mind and begin to visualize almost immediately, while others need help along the way. However, once you begin to visualize, you will eventually be able to fill that imagery with the details and specifics of your goals. Don’t try to rush visualization techniques. If you feel you are stuck, there is nothing wrong with starting over. Just make sure your mind is clear and your thoughts are positive. This technique can truly change your life!

Visualization is a powerful tool that anyone can use in order to effectively improve their life, attract prosperity, and fulfill their dreams.

Try to keep in mind that using visualization to improve your life works.  That means that if you or someone you know is always talking about the things they don’t want in their life, that’s exactly what they’ll get, just more to complain about.

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The Power of Visualization

  • Posted on June 18, 2012 at 3:51 pm

First comes the thought, then the picture.  Everything, even getting out of bed, thought then picture.  You see yourself getting out of bed.  We visualize all the time, every day.  The power of visualization is strong.  Without knowing it, it has been in your life from the beginning.

The Hidden Power of Visualization

Everything starts in the mind – whether the greatest success, or simply a trip to the shop to purchase bread- we visualize it on some level no matter what

Everything starts within the mind – whether or not the best success, or just a visit to the search to buy bread- we tend to visualize it on some level despite what. In high pressure sports like footall it’s not simply physical preparation however the mental preparation are key to their success. In tense things like the penalty shoot in soccer, or the play off hole in a very golf major, the check are of successful visualization the maximum amount as technique. This visualization is recognized as “the seedling of success”, as while not it nothing would ever develop.

We unconsciously visualize on and off all day to an exact degree, however you’ll be able to improve your visualization skills to travel so much beyond this level of everyday thought. Some are ready to develop their visualization skills and achieve huge success due to it – individuals like high sportsmen and olympic medalists, and businessmen like Donald Trump and Bill Gates. The extraordinarily wealthy, the a-list superstars, the planet category sports stars. all of them produce an image on their minds of their success once more and once more before they achieve it for real. once they visualize they extremely feel like they’ve achieved their goal.

Visualization is but not only for those who achieve huge success in high profile positions, however are often used in any situations throughout our daily lives. I actually have an interview during a few weeks for a brand new job and that i am visualizing not only the queries being asked however how i am aiming to perform successfully and feel throughout the interview. My visualization can specialize in the opportunities I actually have to show my strengths and skills and not my weaknesses or fears.

This degree of visualization is sometimes easier said than accomplished, some individuals notice it comes effortlessly and may produce highly effective, moving visualizations for prolonged time periods.

For many folks thought will generally be pretty arduous to induce started in – to form clear and vivid visualizations instantly..

How To Improve Your Visualizations?

A growing number of people are changing to a contemporary means of developing their capability to visualize visualization subliminal audio

Subliminal audio can facilitate by infiltrating your unconscious mind and serving to to boost your ability to visualize from the inside out. Using subliminals can rewire your mind on a deeper level, and sidestep any mental blockades or proscribing thought patterns that are holding you back. this suggests that you simply are going to be ready to concentrate easier and visualize for extended periods of your time while not becoming bored or frustrated.

Subliminal messages rewire your mind from the within out, in a very similar way to hypnosis, and gradually they improve your thought patterns and assist you to envision easier and more naturally.

Everything starts in the mind – whether the greatest success, or simply a trip to the shop to purchase bread- we visualize it on some level no matter what.

As you get ready for work in the morning, at one point your thoughts will drift towards your car.  You may think “my keys are on the table”.  As this very brief thought crosses your mind, you are sitting in your car, feeling, smelling and most importantly knowing how it feels.  This is the time when the power of visualization can be used.  When your having that brief thought, your new car should be remembered.  Put what you want in the past and remember the smell and feel of your new car.  The keys in your hands.  Go to a car dealer and test drive your car.  Every morning start to remember your new car in the driveway.  Before you know it what you’ve been visualizing will be what you see.

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